Board of Directors

Peter Giller

Mr. Giller has served on the Board of Sithe Global's parent company, World Power Holdings LP, since 2006. Prior to his affiliation with Sithe Global, Mr. Giller served as Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman of International Power and Vice Chairman of Hubco Power, both from 2000-2003. From 1975 to 2000 he had several assignments at Brown Boveri, USA and its affiliate ABB Energy Ventures, including serving as President of Brown Boveri, USA's power generation unit. Mr. Giller is currently a partner in International Bio Energy AG and a partner in EIC Partners AG. He is also a non-executive Director of Globaleq Generation LLC.

He holds degrees in both Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering as well as Masters in Business Administration.

We believe that cost-effective electricity, fuel source diversification and environmental
stewardship are all key elements of a socially responsible international energy company.